Safety Culture

Working safely is the highest priority for Hydrologic Monitoring.

HMI supports a behavior-based Environmental, Health and Safety (EH&S) Program, in addition to participating in safety programs endorsed by its clients. All jobs are reviewed for safe work conditions prior to starting. No job will start until safe work conditions exist and no job will continue if unsafe work conditions are encountered. HMI utilizes tools including Observations, Interventions, Job Hazard Analysis (JHA), Daily Tailgate Safety Meetings, and Pre-Task Analysis.

Company Safety Focus.

HMI is a participating member of ISNetWorld and the Association of Reciprocal Safety Councils.  These organizations serve as online repositories allowing member companies to track vendor safety performance metrics.  These repositories retain information specific to HMI such as OSHA 300 logs, Worker’s Compensation Experience Rates, Pre-Qualification Forms, and insurance certificates. HMI is also a member company with the National Safety Council (NSC) and the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE).  HMI employs full-time safety personnel certified by the Board of Certified Safety Professionals.  In 2016, HMI was nominated by the Houston Business Roundtable for outstanding safety performance.

Employee Safety Focus

There are many reasons that a company wants its employees to work safely. But every employee must have a more important reason to work safely than just because it is a part of the job. They must have a personal reason. The HMI EH&S program is designed to with each employee in mind – not to make employees work harder, or slower, or to meet some governmental guidelines, but to encourage everyone to take safety personally. Our safety and accident prevention programs are designed to protect each employee and make sure that employees return home just as they left home.

HMI has a long history of personnel stability – Experienced Teams are Safer Teams. Additionally, HMI places a strong emphasis on training and evaluation.


HMI team members take part in each of the programs listed below:

  • Substance and alcohol testing program managed by an independent Third-Party Administrator
  • Background Checks to provide comprehensive employee screening information
  • Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) issued by the Transportation Security Administration – U.S. Department of Homeland Security.
  • OSHA 40-hr HAZWOPER training and annual refresher training (29 CFR 1910.120)
  • CPR-First Aid-Bloodborne Pathogen training (American Red Cross Certified)
  • Annual physicals and medical fit-to-work certifications
  • Any site-specific training requirements