Potable Water Services

High quality potable water

Service Overview

Drinking water, or potable water, is our planets most precious resource. The need to provide a continuous, safe, and sustainable supply of water is more important than ever. Even in industrial and commercial settings, the need for high quality potable water is critical. Whether purchasing water or using a well, water providers are required to meet stringent Federal and State regulatory requirements for delivering safe, high quality drinking water and maintaining sanitary delivery systems.

If you own a drinking water source, or purchase water from another supplier, and distribute this water for consumption and use by others, you may be considered a Public Drinking Water System (PWS). In general, if you meet any of the following requirements you may be a PWS.


HMI provides the leadership and expertise to comply with regulatory requirements for water systems. Our staff of Licensed Engineers and Water Operators can optimize system functionality and maintain compliance of the water system for years to come. Some of HMI’s water quality services include:

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