Groundwater Monitoring

Implementation and Reporting

Service Overview

Hydrologic Monitoring implements routine Corrective Action, Compliance, Detection, and Voluntary groundwater monitoring programs and assumes complete responsibility for safe and accurate field implementation. HMI has vast experience with low-flow sampling methodologies and implements monitoring programs in accordance with EPA guidance and site-specific Sampling and Analysis Plans. HMI ensures sample quality and reproducibility, while implementing industry-standard sampling protocols. Our field performance has been demonstrated and documented by successfully completing multiple state agency Comprehensive Monitoring Evaluations.

HMI has the ability to implement large-scale monitoring programs in a short amount of time with multiple sampling teams. This approach has benefited several clients by reducing the permitting needs and minimizing the presence of non-resident contractors.

HMI offers cost-effective unit rate or lump sum pricing to our clients. This pricing structure allows project managers and facility representatives to know exactly what they will be invoiced, avoiding unexpected costs due to any reason. In addition, this pricing structure can be a beneficial tool for project managers to rapidly estimate costs for other projects.

EPA Guidance Documents for Groundwater Monitoring

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U. S. EPA/540/S-95/504, and current revisions.

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