Water is Life.

As described by Living Water International, the global water crisis does not make media headlines, despite the fact that it claims more lives through disease than any war claims through guns…it does not rally concerted international action, despite the fact that more people die each year from drinking dirty water than from the world’s hurricanes, floods, tsunamis and earthquakes combined.

This is a silent crisis experienced by the poor, and tolerated by those with the resources, technology, and the political power to end it. Yet this is a crisis that is holding back human progress, consigning large segments of humanity to lives of poverty, vulnerability and insecurity. Living Water International addresses this most basic of needs by helping deprived communities acquire safe, clean water.

For over 20 years, Living Water International has partnered with local communities to implement water projects for those with no access to clean drinking water. These projects include water well installation, pump repair and basic hygiene education. HMI team members have donated time, expertise, and leadership skills to Living Water International, participating in projects located in Africa and Central America. Jim Coleman, HMI’s Vice President, has been elected to the Living Water International Board of Directors (member) and its Technical Advisory Board.